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It’s a wrap

While there’s an abundance of beautiful wrapping paper available on the High Street, for something rather special take a few minutes to explore Cambridge Imprint. Set up by a group of artists, they produce a range of matte papers using vegetable oil-based inks that are hand mixed for every job. As with Linwood, they work with small craft businesses from printers to finishers, to produce a range with a classic English feel with names such as Oak Leaves and Dandelion. Available in a palette from sober to exuberant, the papers are also available as notebooks, cards and scrapbooks. 


Shine bright 

Berdoula/Candles/Linwood Blog


There’s candles and there’s candles… this set of 12 is made by a family-run business based in Bath, Berdoulat. Made in the traditional way, the candles are hung in pairs over the spokes of a wheel and dipped by hand until the desired taper is achieved. Presented in a beautiful marble box with a pleasing magnetic snap shut clasp, they are a perfect lesson in restrained elegance. Buy them for yourself, or if you are particularly generous place them under the tree for a loved one. The candles are only a small part on offer at Berdoula, discover beautifully crafted oak dressers, tables and kitchenware based on 18th century pieces such as a covetable egg rack.


Hand painted decorations

Choosing Keeping/Decorations/Linwood Blog


Choosing Keeping is so called because they wish for their customers to be considerate and discerning in their choices, and to honour and care for their purchases for years to come, thus choosing and keeping them. What a lovely sentiment… so in tune with today’s more sustainable-aware world. The shop can be found in London’s Covent Garden but it’s also online. These hand painted Christmas decorations caught our eye. Most are still made in Europe from antique moulds that are more than 100 years old and you can see the quality and love that goes into each one. Understandably a little expensive – from £30 each – we think they will become the heirlooms of tomorrow.


Fine prints

Stephens & Jones/Hugo Guinness/Linwood Blog


To help create the perfect setting for our new Bukhara velvet, we called upon the services of Wilson fine art gallery, Wilson Stephens & Jones to find the perfect artwork. Here a fun – and fashionable – linocut from Hugo Guinness adds a subtle, but stylish flourish. Unframed prints, which range from terriers, cockerels, to everyday objects such as coffee cups are priced at a very reasonable £240, we think they are the perfect present.