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Dittisham Oatmeal
Dittisham Oatmeal
Dittisham Oatmeal
Dittisham Oatmeal
Dittisham Oatmeal
Dittisham Oatmeal
Dittisham Oatmeal
Dittisham Oatmeal
Whitewood – Dittisham Oatmeal - .Oatmeal

Dittisham Oatmeal

LF1627C/001 .Oatmeal

Classic trellis pattern printed onto a lightweight linen blend fabric - use for curtains or loose covers.


Price per metre £4.17 ex. VAT - was £6.95 (RRP was £58.50)
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After care
Base uom
10% Nylon, 90% Linen
FR rating
Exempt fabric Non-FR must be used with a schedule 3 (FR) interliner or if suitable receive FR treatment to confrom to BS5852 Part 1 Source 0 (Cigarette) and 1 (Match)
Martindale rub test
Product code
Rrp price
Upholstery grade
Contract, General Domestic
Vertical pattern repeat

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