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The latest wallpaper trends for 2024

Follow our top 10 tips for what stylish walls should be wearing this year

The latest wallpaper trends for 2024

If there is one decorating trick that can instantly transform an interior, it has to be wallpaper. Adding depth and movement to the walls, it can serve to make a small space feel bigger or a large space feel more intimate and put-together. The last few years have witnessed a huge revival in wallpaper, with interior designers championing its transformative powers and using papers to create schemes that range from playful to nostalgic to decadently moody. Here, we highlight some of the key wallpaper trends for 2024 – there is sure to be one that will inspire you…



10 tips for upgrading your wallpaper for 2024


Embrace moody metallics


Linwood | Wallpaper | Lumen | Dusk


Dark colours are very much having a moment in wallpaper trends, and moody metallics are adding a sense of decadence and luxury to the look. Use them in rooms that are not blessed with natural light – that old adage that we should not try to fight with a dark room really is true – as their gentle sheen brings a subtle lift to the space, particularly when enhanced with a layered lighting scheme. Our Lumen wallpaper in Dusk features stylised wisteria and is printed on parchment paper which enhances the luminous quality of the design. Perfect for a small room such as a powder room where you want to up the sense of drama, and also glorious in evening rooms such as a dining room or a snug. A few gold accents wouldn’t go amiss, either.



Escape with a scenic wallpaper


Linwood | Wallpaper | Yanagi | Bright Pastel


Scenic and mural wallpapers are still two of the top wallpaper trends for 2024, reflecting our desire to create homes that can transport us to faraway lands as soon as we close the front door. Interior designers are going to town with these wallpaper designs, using scenic wallpapers in key spaces such as a dining room or a hallway, to spark visitors’ imagination and get the conversation flowing. We have also seen scenic wallpaper designs used in truly imaginative places: on cupboard fronts in a dressing room, for example, or even in a bathroom (although bear in mind that in a humid space, the wallpaper will need to be treated with a protective layer). Our Yanagi wallpaper design features a magical Oriental landscape that is wonderful for adding another dimension to a room. Its bright pastel hues – another key wallpaper trend – will lend an uplifting feel to any space.



Celebrate full-scale pattern

 Linwood | Wallpaper | Jungle Rumble | Parrot


If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that we can be brave with our interiors, embracing colour and pattern in order to turn them into imaginative, inspirational places that we want to spend time in. One of the top wallpaper trends for 2023 sees large scale wallpaper designs taking centre stage, bringing a bold decorative statement to a room. With its bright colours and wonderfully uplifting feel, Jungle Rumble in Parrot is a gloriously flamboyant example that will enliven any space. If you are nervous about papering an entire room or wall, treat the wallpaper design as art and hang a framed panel, or paper a couple of alcoves, picking out, say the raspberry pink or the sage green in the print as an accompanying paint colour. The possibilities really are endless…



Factor in floral wallpapers


Linwood | Wallpaper | Wild | Rainbow


Much has been made of the importance of bringing nature into our schemes, with interior designers opting for colours and classic patterns that nod to our surroundings to help create a reassuring, grounded feel in our homes. Floral wallpaper designs are a wallpaper trend that has never really gone away, helping to forge that connection with the outdoors and capturing the uplifting experience of being in nature. For a vibrant scheme, our playful Wild wallpaper design is a future classic, depicting a riot of exotic blooms teamed with stylised lions and birds. If your style is more contemporary, Les Fauves in Emerald takes its inspiration from a Fauvist painting and features bright colours and lively brushstrokes. We envisage this bold wallpaper teamed with simple Nordic furniture for a new take on Scandi-style decorating.



Surround yourself with botanical prints


Linwood | Wallpaper | Uhura | Chilli



Nailing one of the key wallpaper trends for 2024, botanical wallpapers nod to our growing passion for biophilic design, which sees the natural environment referenced indoors to improve our sense of connectivity with our surroundings. The possibilities when it comes to wallpaper designs range from quiet, calming prints – think delicate leafy designs or pretty trailing patterns – to arresting tropical designs that capture the exuberance of a rainforest. Classic, timeless prints have been reimagined in new colourways for a more modern feel, our Uhura wallpaper being a case in point. Featuring a punchy chilli red backdrop, this patterned wallpaper features beautiful botanicals and butterflies and is fantastic for bringing a sense of warmth and familiarity to a scheme. We picked out the skirting board in deep blue to play on the paper’s subtly modern aesthetic.



Hark back with archival designs


Linwood | Wallpaper | Monkey Puzzle | Indigo


Nostalgia has played an important role in interior design over the last few years and this has resulted in the resurgence of an interest in archival patterned wallpaper. Classic designs that nod to beautiful historic homes are one of the key wallpaper trends for 2024, bringing a sense of history to interiors that helps connect us with our past. Featuring tropical palms and monkeys, our Monkey Puzzle design is one of Linwood’s most noted prints and it is perfect for bringing a touch of the Baroque to an interior. Avoid descending into pastiche by adding a few contemporary touches: here, deep indigo woodwork and textural sisal flooring do the trick.


Add charm with chinoiserie

 Linwood | Wallpaper | Miji | Blossom


Chinoiserie is another wallpaper trend that is experiencing a renaissance, thanks to our renewed interest in all things decorative. A fusion of Eastern and Western influences, it is an aesthetic that became particularly popular in the 18th century, when decorative items inspired by the Far East first began gracing the most fashionable homes. Today, stylish interiors are championing the trend once more, with Oriental-inspired large scale prints and mural wallpapers bringing a sense of luxury to our homes. Our Miji wallpaper design nicely captures the aesthetic with its sophisticated print featuring stylised birds, bamboo and flowers. The Blossom colourway is both impactful and pretty, lending itself beautifully to a bedroom or, for that matter, any space in need of a pop of charming, timeless pattern.



Never be mundane with monochrome


Linwood | Wallpaper | Rumi | Smoky


Monochrome is one of those wallpaper trends with endless possibilities: think sepia-toned mural wallpapers, neat, graphic prints or abstract designs that utilise this restrained palette for a supremely elegant look. Monochrome offerings amongst our wallpaper prints include Island Paradise in Charcoal – a toile that brings a classical touch to an interior – and Rumi in Smoky, a mystical, abstract landscape print. Team with pale pieces to add to the ethereal quality of the design, or include touches of black to bring an incisive feel to the décor.



Go for dramatic graphics


Linwood | Wallpaper | The Wave | Ocean


Graphic prints are one of the latest wallpaper trends and are big news for anyone who loves to give a sense of structure and order to a room scheme. Strong geometric shapes or bold repetitive patterns are brilliant for adding depth and movement, something that paint alone cannot achieve in the same way. Here, our bold wallpaper design, The Wave in Ocean, lends a lively feel to the walls and is grounded with paint in a punchy teal that harmonises perfectly with the print. A masterclass in how to create an impactful tonal scheme.



Add a tactile touch with textured wallpaper


Linwood | Wallpaper | Miyagi | Indigo


Textured wallpaper is one of the trends that has continued to grow in recent years, going hand in hand with our increased desire for tactile interiors that feel as good as they look. Designs such as seagrass and linen effect wallpapers are fantastic for adding a sense of warmth, while trompe l’oeil patterns that create faux textures – from wood to stone and even detailing such as panelling – are good for bringing character to a space. Even wallpapers with a very subtle texture can make a difference: our Miyagi design is printed on parchment paper which has a slightly raised texture that gives it a lovely tactile quality, perfect for a stylish, considered home.


We hope you are inspired to be creative with your interior scheme and embrace  new modern wallpaper designs. Papering all four walls – or five, for that matter, if you take into account the ceiling – can create a fabulously immersive effect but if this makes you nervous, consider introducing contemporary wallpaper patterns in small areas: on a chimney breast, within alcoves or even at the back of a cabinet. Make sure that you call in samples to see your choices in situ and remember to have fun – wallpaper really does have the power to enliven and enrich our homes.




Is panelled wallpaper trending? Trompe l’oeil designs that imitate panelling are definitely having a moment, bringing a sense of character and texture to walls. Designs range from papers that depict traditional wood or painted panelling –perfect for a library or a snug, for example – to prints that capture the effect of wooden boards or veneers. Choices span the rustic to the traditional, so there really is something for everyone.


Is striped wallpaper a safe choice? This year, many interior designers have favourite striped wallpaper in their armoury, and these range from simple, quiet designs that add a subtle pattern to walls, to bold stripes that are best suited to the brave-hearted. Consider tapping into the trends for floral and botanical wallpapers by choosing a stripe that incorporates natural motifs.