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Fabric care and cleaning advice


For best results we recommend all fabrics should be dry cleaned by a specialist in the cleaning of upholstery and curtain fabrics. Spot cleaning and the use of proprietary products is not recommended.

Regular vacuuming and turning of cushions can prolong the life of covers and reduces the need for cleaning. We recommend your sofa and armchair loose covers or set of curtains be cleaned at the same time. This will ensure the colour balance remains consistent.



Always follow the washing and cleaning instructions. Do not mix fabrics of different colours. Do not use products containing bleaching, optical brightening agents, or conditioners. After washing, pull gently and reshape cover while damp. Fabrics can shrink when washed – please allow up to 5%. Shrinkage caused by washing can often be partly regained by carefully stretching the covers when damp and a gently steam iron.


Loose covers and cushions:

Please remember to allow an extra 5% allowance when making up loose covers and cushions, this will ensure they re-fit after cleaning and allow for any shrinkage that may occur. Over locking of seams is recommended to help prevent fraying.


Movement of curtains in situ

When making curtains always allow for atmospheric movement and fluctuations in length as the result of changes in temperature and humidity. Fabrics woven with natural fibres will absorb moisture and this can result in stretching or shrinking. It is reasonable to expect as much as a 3% change in any curtain length. For instance, a 2.5m curtain length may move up to 8cm up or down under different conditions. Heavier fabrics, looser weaves, and those with thicker yarns of natural fibres will react to changing humidity and this should be made clear to the ultimate customer. For curtains we recommend leaving generous hems to allow easy alteration and adjustment after hanging. We strongly recommend hanging curtains for at least 4 weeks before finishing the hems. Top quality curtain makers avoid ‘exact’ length curtains, i.e., floor-touching or to a windowsill. Any adjustments remain the responsibility of the maker and cannot be accepted as a fault of the fabric. Please note that fabrics woven with manmade yarns will tend to show little or no atmospheric movement.




All fabrics will fade over time. To reduce natural fading, curtains should always be lined and, if possible, drawn back from the windows during daylight hours. Leading edges will always tend to fade sooner as they receive more light. Upholstery fabrics should be kept out of direct sunlight – avoid positioning furniture where excessive moisture, sunlight or heat could cause an adverse effect. In general, silk fabrics have lower light fastness, and no claims will be accepted for fading.


Colour matching

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the closest possible colour match between fabric batches, the Company cannot guarantee an exact match. If an exact match is required, then you should request a free stock cutting. Please inspect all fabric for colour match before cutting. Should additional fabric be required, please send a cutting of the original fabric with your order.


Add on treatments after purchase

The Company does not accept responsibility for change in performance, appearance nor damage or defect to fabrics treated after purchase. We cannot accept any liability for changes in appearance, performance, or defects in any of our fabrics if they are treated after purchase, by spraying or processing of any kind, for any reason whatsoever, including flame-proofing or the application of stain repelling treatments.


To bear in mind

Fabrics do wear in use and change their appearance over time, this is natural and to be expected: pile fabrics such as velvets, chenille and textured weaves may flatten and show a degree of optical shading when used for upholstery – this is a characteristic of such fabrics and not detrimental to their durability. Flat weaves may pill or bobble to a degree.


Pattern repeats

From batch-to-batch pattern repeats can vary by +/- 5%. Please always allow for this when ordering and inspect carefully before cutting. Embroidered patterns, especially when made by hand, will not match exactly.


If you have any questions about our fabrics please contact us