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Woven Fabrics | Linwood

Working with trusted mills across England and Europe – who bring generations of experience – we create the finest weaves. Suitable for both modern and traditional homes, our woven fabrics include classic jacquards and dobbies to fashionable boucles. Discover a myriad of styles and textures…


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  • What is a woven fabric?

    A woven fabric is a type of textile made by interlacing two sets of yarn or threads – known as the warp and weft – at right angles to each other. This weaving process creates a structured, grid-like pattern that gives woven fabrics their characteristic strength and durability. Woven fabrics are typically produced on looms and can vary in texture and appearance based on the type of fibres used and the weaving technique employed.

  • What is an example of a woven fabric?

    There are many different types of woven fabric, from a simple plain weave to a twill weave – where the warp yarns are offset to create diagonal lines; see our hardwearing linen-blend design, Livorno from Serrano – to more complex woven fabrics that are highly textural in appearance, an example being Pivot from our Tango Weaves II collection. Made using a mix of yarns, it has a basket weave design that lends it an almost three-dimensional appearance. Dobby weaves are another interesting type of weave consisting of small, repeated geometric designs; have a look at our classic Bryher fabric, a chic choice for upholstery or curtains. All of Linwood’s weaves are crafted in mills in either the UK or Italy.

  • What are the five woven fabrics?

    There are many types of woven fabrics, but five commonly used ones include:

    Cotton: Known for its softness and breathability, cotton is a versatile woven fabric that is championed by both the fashion and interiors worlds.

    Eco-friendly linen is made from the flax plant and is feted for its natural appearance and its wonderfully tactile qualities.

    Silk: A luxurious woven fabric, silk is derived from the silkworm’s cocoon threads. It is prized for its smooth, lustrous surface and is often used in high-end fashion.

    An enduring favourite, wool is woven from the fleece of sheep and other mammals such as goats and rabbits. Its ability to be warm in winter yet cool in summer makes it hugely versatile.

    Polyester: Widely used for both clothing and home furnishings, polyester is a synthetic woven fabric that is durable and resistant to wrinkles and shrinkage.

  • What is another name for woven fabric?

    Another name for woven fabric is “woven textile” or simply a “weave”. Woven fabrics are often referred to as textiles because they are a key element of the textile industry.