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Luxurious Cushion Collection

Presented in a selection of appealing colours, patterns, materials and sizes, our cushions – designed and made in the UK – are filled with feathers for ultimate comfort. Style your sofa, armchair, or bed with our stunning cushions.  

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  • What types of cushions does Linwood offer?

    Linwood offers a luxurious range of cushions, presented in a variety of appealing colours, patterns, materials and sizes. Our collection is designed and made in the UK, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and style to suit any elegant home.

  • What makes Linwood cushions unique?

    Our cushions stand out due to their exceptional quality and design. Each cushion is filled with feathers for ultimate comfort, and the range includes unique styles and patterns, all crafted with premium fabrics. This combination of comfort and elegance makes our cushions a perfect addition to any sofa, armchair, or bed.

  • Are Linwood cushions comfortable and durable?

    Absolutely. Comfort and durability are key aspects of our cushions. They are filled with feathers, providing a plush and cosy feel. Additionally, the use of premium fabrics ensures that our cushions are not only comfortable but also durable, making them suitable for everyday use.

  • Can I find cushions to match my home decor at Linwood?

    Yes, our cushion collection is diverse enough to complement any home decor. With a wide range of styles, sizes, and fabric choices, you can easily find cushions that match your existing decor or help you create a new look. Whether you prefer bold patterns or subtle hues, our collection has something for every taste.