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Box of Weave Ends
Box of Weave Ends
Box of Weave Ends
Box of Weave Ends
– - Box of Weave Ends

LF9999/080 Box of Weave Ends
This box contains a mix of approx. 40m of fabric with lengths varying from 1m-3m. The fabrics are a mixture of patterns and plains. Contents will vary per box, we aim to put together varied colourways and lengths in each box. They're perfect for covering dining chair seats and footstools or making cushions and blinds.
Price per each £80.00 ex. VAT (RRP was £)
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Box of Weave Ends

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Box of Weave Ends
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Whitehaven Mansions Harbour Blue
Whitehaven Mansions Harbour Blue - .Harbour Blue LF1629C/006
Burgh Island Harbour Blue
Burgh Island Harbour Blue - .Harbour Blue LF1628C/006
Hastings Soft Grey
Hastings Soft Grey - .Soft Grey LF1631C/003
Madura Ochre
Madura Ochre - .Ochre LF0679C/010
Whitehaven Mansions Maize
Whitehaven Mansions Maize - .Maize LF1629C/004
Castor Springtide
Castor Springtide - .Springtide LF0809C/017
Madura Seagrass
Madura Seagrass - .Seagrass LF0679C/053
Burgh Island Soft Grey
Burgh Island Soft Grey - .Soft Grey LF1628C/003
Wistman's Wood Beach Hut
Wistman's Wood Beach Hut - .Beach Hut LF1626C/002
Redruth Firestone
Redruth Firestone - .Firestone LF1301C/003
Redruth Oatmeal
Redruth Oatmeal - .Oatmeal LF1301C/001
Rockford Oatmeal
Rockford Oatmeal - .Oatmeal LF1744C/004
Capra Springtide
Capra Springtide - .Springtide LF0807C/017
Madura Indigo
Madura Indigo - .Indigo LF0679C/058
Madura Powder Blue
Madura Powder Blue - .Powder Blue LF0679C/054
Madura Hemp
Madura Hemp - .Hemp LF0679C/051
Madura Forget me Not
Madura Forget me Not - .Forget me Not LF0679C/039
Whitehaven Mansions Beach Hut
Whitehaven Mansions Beach Hut - .Beach Hut LF1629C/002
Burgh Island Oatmeal
Burgh Island Oatmeal - .Oatmeal LF1628C/001
Wistman's Wood Soft Grey
Wistman's Wood Soft Grey - .Soft Grey LF1626C/003
Wistman's Wood Oatmeal
Wistman's Wood Oatmeal - .Oatmeal LF1626C/001
Sakura Damask Mineral
Sakura Damask Mineral - .Mineral LF1681C/017
Sakura Damask Sky
Sakura Damask Sky - .Sky LF1681C/005
St Ives Amethyst
St Ives Amethyst - .Amethyst LF1299C/004
Rockford Coffee
Rockford Coffee - .Coffee LF1744C/006
Moyles Court Sky Check
Moyles Court Sky Check - .Sky Check LF1741C/004
Auriga Liquorice Blue
Auriga Liquorice Blue - .Liquorice Blue LF0808C/013
Madura Clay
Madura Clay - .Clay LF0679C/045
Madura Candleglow
Madura Candleglow - .Candleglow LF0679C/042
Madura Cornflower
Madura Cornflower - .Cornflower LF0679C/038
Madura Sky
Madura Sky - .Sky LF0679C/036
Madura Dewdrop
Madura Dewdrop - .Dewdrop LF0679C/030
Madura Terracotta
Madura Terracotta - .Terracotta LF0679C/025
Madura Cherry
Madura Cherry - .Cherry LF0679C/024
Madura Rose Pink
Madura Rose Pink - .Rose Pink LF0679C/020
Madura Barley
Madura Barley - .Barley LF0679C/009
Whitehaven Mansions Oatmeal
Whitehaven Mansions Oatmeal - .Oatmeal LF1629C/001
Burgh Island Maize
Burgh Island Maize - .Maize LF1628C/004
Burgh Island Beach Hut
Burgh Island Beach Hut - .Beach Hut LF1628C/002
Dittisham Maize
Dittisham Maize - .Maize LF1627C/004
Dittisham Oatmeal
Dittisham Oatmeal - .Oatmeal LF1627C/001
Hastings .Oatmeal
Hastings - .Oatmeal LF1631C/001
Sakura Damask Pitch
Sakura Damask Pitch - .Pitch LF1681C/024
Sakura Damask Cameo Green
Sakura Damask Cameo Green - .Cameo Green LF1681C/019
Sakura Damask Blackcurrant
Sakura Damask Blackcurrant - .Blackcurrant LF1681C/015
Sakura Damask Stone
Sakura Damask Stone - .Stone LF1681C/007
Sakura Damask Cherry
Sakura Damask Cherry - .Cherry LF1681C/004
Sakura Damask Brick
Sakura Damask Brick - .Brick LF1681C/003
St Ives Duck Egg
St Ives Duck Egg - .Duck Egg LF1299C/005
Penzance Heather
Penzance Heather - .Heather LF1298C/004
Penzance Ruby
Penzance Ruby - .Ruby LF1298C/003
Saltfish Wine
Saltfish Wine - .Wine LF1297C/004
Rockford Honey
Rockford Honey - .Honey LF1744C/005
Rockford Vellum
Rockford Vellum - .Vellum LF1744C/001
Ibsley Toffee
Ibsley Toffee - .Toffee LF1743C/002
Ibsley Nutmeg
Ibsley Nutmeg - .Nutmeg LF1743C/001
Blashford Bisque
Blashford Bisque - .Bisque LF1740C/003
Castor Duck Egg
Castor Duck Egg - .Duck Egg LF0809C/014
Castor Cayenne
Castor Cayenne - .Cayenne LF0809C/010
Auriga Linen
Auriga Linen - .Linen LF0808C/001
Capra Lagoon
Capra Lagoon - .Lagoon LF0807C/016
Ensign .Cavalier
Ensign - .Cavalier LF1695C/004
Quercus .Winter Haze
Quercus - .Winter Haze LF1696C/001
Ensign .Musket
Ensign - .Musket LF1695C/007
Broughton Check .Painted Lady
Broughton Check - .Painted Lady LF1699FR/002
Broughton Check .Cabbage White
Broughton Check - .Cabbage White LF1699FR/005
Madura Cameo Green
Madura Cameo Green - .Cameo Green LF0679C/052
Madura Haze
Madura Haze - .Haze LF0679C/050
Madura Burnt Copper
Madura Burnt Copper - .Burnt Copper LF0679C/048
Madura Opaline
Madura Opaline - .Opaline LF0679C/033
Madura Springtime
Madura Springtime - .Springtime LF0679C/029
Madura Henna
Madura Henna - .Henna LF0679C/027
Madura Tea Rose
Madura Tea Rose - .Tea Rose LF0679C/023
Madura Paprika
Madura Paprika - .Paprika LF0679C/022
Madura Chocolate
Madura Chocolate - .Chocolate LF0679C/014
Madura Camel
Madura Camel - .Camel LF0679C/013
Madura Honey
Madura Honey - .Honey LF0679C/012
Madura Harvest
Madura Harvest - .Harvest LF0679C/011
Madura Biscuit
Madura Biscuit - .Biscuit LF0679C/006
Madura Lemon
Madura Lemon - .Lemon LF0679C/005
Holywell Jasmine
Holywell Jasmine - .Jasmine LF1302C/002
Redruth Butterscotch
Redruth Butterscotch - .Butterscotch LF1301C/002
Newbridge Montreaux
Newbridge Montreaux - .Montreaux LF1300C/004
Newbridge Tea Rose
Newbridge Tea Rose - .Tea Rose LF1300C/003
Newbridge Sand
Newbridge Sand - .Sand LF1300C/002
St Ives Buttermilk
St Ives Buttermilk - .Buttermilk LF1299C/002
St Ives Marble
St Ives Marble - .Marble LF1299C/001
Saltfish Cotta
Saltfish Cotta - .Cotta LF1297C/003
Saltfish Sun Burst
Saltfish Sun Burst - .Sun Burst LF1297C/002
Saltfish Parchment
Saltfish Parchment - .Parchment LF1297C/001
Harbridge Gold Dust Stripe
Harbridge Gold Dust Stripe - .Gold Dust Stripe LF1742C/002
Harbridge Sandstone Stripe
Harbridge Sandstone Stripe - .Sandstone Stripe LF1742C/001
Moyles Court Sandstone Check
Moyles Court Sandstone Check - .Sandstone Check LF1741C/001
Blashford Twilight
Blashford Twilight - .Twilight LF1740C/004
Blashford Latte
Blashford Latte - .Latte LF1740C/002
Castor Walnut
Castor Walnut - .Walnut LF0809C/019
Castor Paprika
Castor Paprika - .Paprika LF0809C/011
Castor Chilli
Castor Chilli - .Chilli LF0809C/009
Castor Pumpkin
Castor Pumpkin - .Pumpkin LF0809C/008
Castor Honey
Castor Honey - .Honey LF0809C/007
Castor Caramel
Castor Caramel - .Caramel LF0809C/006
Castor Mustard
Castor Mustard - .Mustard LF0809C/004
Castor Cream
Castor Cream - .Cream LF0809C/003
Auriga Pistachio
Auriga Pistachio - .Pistachio LF0808C/012
Auriga Cayenne
Auriga Cayenne - .Cayenne LF0808C/010
Auriga Chilli
Auriga Chilli - .Chilli LF0808C/009
Auriga Pumpkin
Auriga Pumpkin - .Pumpkin LF0808C/008
Auriga Caramel
Auriga Caramel - .Caramel LF0808C/006
Auriga Ochre
Auriga Ochre - .Ochre LF0808C/005
Auriga Cream
Auriga Cream - .Cream LF0808C/003
Auriga Butterscotch
Auriga Butterscotch - .Butterscotch LF0808C/002
Capra Walnut
Capra Walnut - .Walnut LF0807C/019
Capra Cayenne
Capra Cayenne - .Cayenne LF0807C/010
Capra Pumpkin
Capra Pumpkin - .Pumpkin LF0807C/008
Capra Caramel
Capra Caramel - .Caramel LF0807C/006
Capra Ochre
Capra Ochre - .Ochre LF0807C/005
Capra Mustard
Capra Mustard - .Mustard LF0807C/004
Capra Cream
Capra Cream - .Cream LF0807C/003
Capra Linen
Capra Linen - .Linen LF0807C/001