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How to make your home cosy with our easy-to-follow guide

Believe us, it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make – who doesn’t want to feel good in their homes?
How to make your home cosy with our easy-to-follow guide

Home. Even the word evokes a warm feeling. And the secret to the ultimate cosy feeling home is capturing what that warm feeling means to your senses. Whether that’s colour, texture, family photographs or soft lighting that adds that cosy feeling, it’s layering those items into your scheme that makes your space feel yours. So, at Linwood we’ve created a step-by-step guide to make your space so inviting you’ll never want to leave.


Let your front door and entryway set the inviting tone


Linwood | Wallpaper | English Oak



Minimal design has its place but a welcoming hallway with cosy feeling wallpaper provides a wonderful welcome that’s hard to beat. A bold wallpaper such as English Oak in warm tones transforms what could be quite a cold transitional space into a striking, cocooning embrace. Ideal in smaller spaces that need some personality, where there isn’t much space for other furniture or decoration.


Make getting into your seating arrangement easy


Linwood | Small Prints



Feeling warm and comfortable is more than soft blankets and roaring fires with a cosy glow. Part of making a person or space feel comfortable is letting them know they have been considered, which translates into a well laid out room. Placing the soft furnishings in thoughtful conversational groupings around a coffee table in a layout that makes seating easy to dive into, promotes conversation and relaxation and is an instant way to create a comfortable, cosy atmosphere.


Cosy up with curtains


Linwood | Belleville | Miji | Tomato



What makes the ideal cosy bedroom? Soft blankets, fresh flowers, floor lamps, warm tones and the comfiest beds are just some of the ways to create one. As well as addressing the hard edges of windows and providing an opportunity to add texture and pattern, curtains instantly warm a bedroom whilst softening the outside world’s light and noise. This fine linen Belleville Miji print in Tomato adds a timeless drama that can transform even the simplest of schemes.


Go overboard with soft textiles 


Linwood | Danube & Serrano



Layering is always the answer. Whether a pattern lover or a plains fan, mixing up finishes and weaves will make your space inviting and interesting. Our Danube and Serrano collections have a complimentary mix of textures and subtle stripes, checks and plains that can blend easily together in the same tones. They are a fail-safe way to make a home cosy without too much visual noise and an excellent design solution where space is limited.


Personalise at least one piece of furniture


Linwood | Velvet Wonderland | Close Encounters



A cosy home is always a home with a personal touch. It should combine memory and loved family heirlooms or collections. Taking an old piece that has become worn or out of step with your current design tastes and reviving it in rich or warm tones or prints will return its cosy glow. This Close Encounters fabric from our Velvet Wonderland collection adds the epic mystery of a mountainous landscape in the subtle comfort of velvet. This eye-catching material makes the ideal conversation starter about your piece’s history.


Use colour and other design tricks to pull eyes through your space


Linwood | Wild Life | Issa | Earth



Considering colour and scale together helps draw the eye through a space and gives a room visual depth, with corners and views that can make it feel magical. Avoid the temptation to simply line up furniture around a room. Create walkways or place a sofa or chair off centre in front of another piece.  Use lampshades on a sideboard or dining table, and pick up the colours of your main piece, like this sofa fabric in wall art or even the wall itself. Such tiny surprises add that extra little warm feeling.


Soften straight and harsh lines


Linwood | Leckford



Sharp edges and precise corners may be desirable in a coffee table or mirror, but rarely do they make a space feel more inviting. The coffee table may invite you to rest a warming drink, and the mirror reflects the cosy glow of candles, but it is always the gentle roll of the arm on a sofa or chair that beckons. Soft furnishings are unbeatable for a cosy atmosphere. Look for a deep-seated armchair such as this one upholstered in Linwood Leckford. To keep the look more formal, use a matching pair of chairs or sofas. Bright cushions add friendliness, another essential ingredient in making a space feel welcoming.

The importance of good lighting


All decorating efforts need good lighting to really shine. This doesn’t have to be the traditional table or floor lamp, as seen here with this hanging pendant. The most important thing is that it gives off a subtle and sensual glow. Lamplight brings out the soft nap of this Bukhara Omega Prints II in Emerald creating a naturally cosy atmosphere. A little bit of quirky wall art adds humour and personality.

Sprinkle unique design details around the house


Linwood | English Garden | Albertine | Classic Blue



A few unexpected touches can transform a space from bland to an instantly warm retreat you can’t wait to rush home to. Look for touches such as faux fur, ruffles, lace, and lacquer to catch the eye. This Albertine fabric in The English Garden print transforms a lonely corner into a loved reading nook, or space to reflect. The print gives it an Alice in Wonderland quality, an added cosy atmosphere that lends some childhood magic. Combine all these tricks and you’ve got an irresistible corner; use it throughout your space and you’ve got the ultimate cosy home.