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Red home decor: what's trending and how to incorporate it in your home

Interior designer, Lisa Helmanis, shares her expert knowledge

Red home decor: what's trending and how to incorporate it in your home

Linwood | Fabric | Moleskin | Terracotta



Confident and bold, the colour red is making a strong return to the interior’s realm. Once a sign of wealth and status this colour has the power to transform space like no other shade. So, if you want to try the most dynamic design trend for 2023, add a little fun pop to an existing scheme or even use it in swathes to transform your interior style, we’ve got the essential guide to using red in any room.



The rise of red home decor


Linwood | Fabric | Velvet Wonderland | Double Dragon | Lacquer Red



Whether adorning the entire room or as accent details, the colour red is a sign of daring and directional interior design. There is no wrong way to use it, but it does need careful consideration. Start with the overall mood you want to create, then choose a fabric you are drawn to from our sample service. Once you are happy with your choice, create a mood board with other decorating elements to understand how they interact. With interior decorating, context is everything. The Linwood Velvet Wonderland Double Dragon in Lacquer Red, which uses a rich vermillion shade as a ground, with gold and green tones, would work brilliantly in an all-red space, adding layered richness that feels like a 19th century drawing room.



How to pair red home decor with your existing furnishings…

 Linwood | Fabric | Moleskin Velvet



When introducing the colour red into an existing scheme make sure that it is part of the overall tonal palette. This soft Linwood Moleskin velvet in Henna is a subtle warm hue that works beautifully with greys. It is essential to consider colours together and not just in isolation as too bold a red against the wrong grey would create a full 1980s throwback room set. And if you want red to be more than a token addition, fully harmonise the scheme adding more than one red element, such as this chair, cushion, and vase.



Why red is the colour to make your home pop

 Linwood | Fabric | Pronto | Poppy



A red sofa is a classic way to bring red into the home. Our washable and durable Pronto fabric in Poppy can revive a much-loved heirloom or family favourite. This shade with its soft nap picks up every curve and line, providing a delightful update on vintage pieces like an occasional chair or daybed. Pick out details and make them pop, with a pale blue pipping such as Moleskin Sky for extra style points. 



Use red as your accent colour

 Linwood | Fabric | Elba | Cherry



Using red as an accent colour works in same way as red lipstick. It can draw the eye to a special feature. These red curtains in Linwood’s Elba linen fabric highlight the grand height of the room's ceiling and the period windows. This sustainable and soft tumbled fabric delivers a relaxed look that stops the red contrasting too harshly with the calm tones surrounding it, delivering a red colour pop but without interrupting the soft mood.


Balance red with other colours

 Linwood | Fabric | Omega Prints II | Paprika | Fez



Red is a wonderful colour to use across and entire room. To do this, offset the intensity of red by using one core fabric that combines other tones and use it as to define your palette. These gold, red and black cushions are pulled from this Paprika Fez fabric. Search for cushions in varying shapes and sizes for added visual interest. View our luxurious cushion collection, which utilises some of our best-loved fabrics in various sizes with contrasting trims and ruffles, for instant inspiration.



Don't be afraid of all red themes

 Linwood | Fabric | Prisma


A way to make red more grown up is to use it with earthy tones. The introduction of navy and tan is an eternal combination that gives a timeless feel. Using clean and modern lined furniture stops the room from becoming too formal, and while each of these fabrics share the same colours, the patterns and scale vary. An essential element to a layered interior.



Using red for feature walls

 Linwood | Wallpaper | Double Dragon | Fire



If the fashion for maximalist design has had your rethinking your minimal rooms, then a decorative wallpaper with red details is the way to deliver an instant update. The soft cream base of this Linwood Double Dragon wallpaper in Fire will connect it with existing neutral furniture. By retaining the simplicity of the rest of the room style it still feels relaxing and peaceful as a bedroom should. Painting skirting boards or doors in a complementary red shade such as Farrow and Ball Red Earth in satin finish will increase the impact of the red tones in the paper.



Incorporate red with soft furnishings


Linwood | Cushions | Double Dragon | Lacquer Red

A great way to use red without a full redesign is through the addition of details in small accessories, such as red cushions, vases, and fun mirror frames. This powerful colour works well in small amounts against contrasting tones such as greens and blues. Texture is also key: a high lacquer item like an armoire can lift a quiet scheme, and velvets, jacquard weaves or boucles will reflect light gently and delivery a more restful feel.



Choose the right red for right mood

 Linwood | Fabric | Lana | Cherry Red



Managing the strength of red is essential, or it will easily overwhelm a scheme. This warm beige-based grey paired with this oak floor is also a mid-tone, as is the Lana upholstery in Cherry red, which means they all feel equally balanced. The colour red can run from orange through to berry shades, and the depth of the shade will hugely influence the mood. Dark red berry walls are a classic choice for dining rooms creating a cocooning and convivial mood. Brighter, orange reds add energy in an office or home library. Choose your red wisely.



Why red interiors are hot for 2023

 Linwood | Fabric | Omega III Velvet



Red communicates joy and passion like no other colour and is surprisingly versatile. It can deliver pretty styles as well as bold and join an existing scheme as well as be the focus for a complete redesign. Our new Linwood Omega III Eco collection velvet in Rouge is a perfect vibrant mid tone. It also removes 10 plastic bottles for every metre woven and is extremely soft and durable. It lends itself to any style direction, making it the perfect starting point for any scheme, which is why 2023 is the year to finally bring red home.