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The footstool – discover why every home should have one

Join the Linwood marketing team as they explore the many styles and uses of this favoured piece
The footstool – discover why every home should have one

There is something luxurious about a room that sports an ottoman or footstool. Perhaps it’s the fact that the sheer purpose of this piece of furniture is to encourage the sitter to put their feet up and relax. Whether a small pouffe or a grand upholstered hassock the addition of a footstool can make a scheme feel sophisticated and pulled together. They also provide a great opportunity to use some new and gorgeous fabrics to add interest to a scheme. Here are a few things to consider when finding the perfect one.


Hidden depths

Crystal Sunset/Footstool Workshop/Linwood

As well as the extra lounging space, a footstool with storage can deliver much needed place to hide blankets and toys. This plain storage footstool – a new collaboration with The Footstool Workshop – is covered in Crystal Sunset from our Omega Prints II collection. Footstools that will be used frequently will benefit from a high rub count (that’s the durability of a fabric, and Omega II has 100,000, so is very hard wearing). Footstools should be lower, or the same height of your sofa, but never higher as they will be hard to reach. And don’t forget to think about your legs, they shouldn’t clash with your sofa or nearby furniture.

Ottoman Empire

One Thousand and One/The Footstool Workshop/Linwood


A grand ottoman or large footstool  is a natural choice for the bold statement piece in any interior scheme. For the design curious, traditionally the design and upholstery of an ottoman coordinates with another piece in the room such as a sofa or armchair, or it is referred to simply as a footstool that can be any fabric or material. This exceptional One Thousand and One print in our Velvet Wonderland fabric has deep viscose pile that holds vivid colours well making it ideal for standout pieces, co-ordinating or not. Its large scale also makes it useful for accommodating extra guests. An important point to consider when choosing your footstool; do you need it to be able to double up as extra seating? If so, allow at least 40cm per person to sit comfortably.

Velvet touched

Omega Velvet/Linwood


The difference between a footstool and a pouffe? A pouffe is a solid cushion that is not on legs. And they can bring a playful shape any interior. If your preference is for a plain fabric, consider adding deep buttoning to enhance the form. This will give this traditional upholstery method a modern edge especially if used with a surprising tone, like this acid Omega Tango velvet. And on that note, a velvet footstool is ideal to bring up a little sensuality to a bedroom or a sitting room that looks a little staid.

Country comfort

Kitty – Spring Green/Linwood


A simple wooden footstool in a bold colour can become a wonderful multi use item that supports tired legs or a steaming cup of hot chocolate. This green painted footstool picks up the tones in our Kitty Spring Green fabric from our English Garden Collection. The printed linen design evokes the blousy naturalness of indigenous blooms whilst this colour way adds a playful twist, making it an ideal choice in a period home that has a little attitude.

Get around

Kimono Dreams – Moss/Linwood


Called a ‘conversational ottoman’ this usually shaped piece is reminiscent of grand hotel lobbies and technicolour movie sets. Designed to get people talking, they make the ideal addition to hall or entrance way. This monochrome scheme is added some opulent glamour with this Kimono Dreams printed velvet in Moss. A round ottoman also works beautifully in smaller spaces as it allows for a natural flow around it.

Doubled up



An ottoman coffee table can be instantly created with the addition of a complimentary tray. Eighty per cent of this Verde fabric is made from offcuts from the fashion industry saving water and energy. Chemical free, it is double brushed and super soft and is also machine washable at 30 degrees should you choose loose covers (also a good read with small children). A leather footstool is also an excellent choice for durability and our Saddle range has impressive eco credentials, made from 70% recycled leather. In this space a small footstool is preferable large round ottoman party due to its solid shape, which feels less dominating than a square pouffe.

And relax



A hassock is a type of upholstered footstool without storage. Ideally place it next to another unique piece such as this Sarouk kilim patterned footstool with the Mahan Shirvan upholstered chair. This armchair with hassock combination scores style points due to the similar scale of the patterns and complimentary muted tones. A chair and ottoman combination works just as well with one vintage piece and one modern in co-ordinating fabrics. This keeps the focus on the unexpected shape combination.

Dreamy places and spaces



Mixing sumptuous patterns with simpler plains instantly adds depth and texture to a scheme. This bedroom hassock in Linwood Hartland Weave in Denim cools down The English Garden upholstered bed. The end of a bed is also the perfect place for a bedroom ottoman that can double up as a blanket box for seasonal storage or a useful seat to kick off your shoes before bed.