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Buyer's guide: wallpaper. It's time to take a fresh look

Discover how to use wallpaper in every room, the Linwood way…
Buyer's guide: wallpaper. It's time to take a fresh look

Wallpaper is having a moment. More and more of us are turning our backs on plain walls – no matter how enticing the paint colours are – and choosing modern wallpaper designs. Think big, bold florals, pastoral prints and gorgeous graphics. Still not sure? Then read on, for interior design ideas and insider tips.


Test before you buy

It’s easy to get carried away and buy rolls of wallpaper without testing the design in your own home. However, it’s so much more sensible to order a sample and live with the paper for a few days first. Consider how it makes you feel? Does it look different as the light changes throughout the day? Do your existing curtains and patterned sofa clash? Let one design be the star of the show.



Start small

If the idea of a fully-wallpapered home fills you with fear, don’t worry there are lots of clever ways to introduce wallpaper into your home. Maybe start with the downstairs loo, or even a closet. It is great to give a small room the fun of a whimsical paper. We love how one of our customers has used Rainforest Rabble from our Tango collection (above).


To feature or not to feature

The design world is rather divided when it comes to feature walls, but it’s just about following a few simple rules. A feature wallpaper should be positioned where you want to create a focal point in the room. Walls with no windows and doorways work best for feature walls, as there is nothing to interrupt the design. Behind your headboard in the bedroom could be fun, or even in the bathroom. Look how amazing Linwood’s Tango wallpaper in Rainforest Rabble (above) looks in this bathroom. Try and tie in the design by painting your tub or walls in complimentary colours.


Fashionable home ideas

Big is best, so don’t be scared of large designs. According to a recent trend
report by Pinterest bold print wallpaper has experienced a remarkable resurgence – and a 401 per cent growth in searches. No wonder, bold wallpaper makes a big statement and breathes life into rooms big or small. Consider using wallpaper – especially one with a dramatic pattern such as our Fable Wallpaper, Aesop (above) for the hall. From afar it looks beautiful and certainly creates the right first impression, but the magic really starts when you see it close up as you descend the stairs into a special world.

Don’t stop at the walls

Think about wallpapering other parts of your room too. In the 18th century ceilings were covered in gilding and frescoes but have for the most part been overlooked today. You can put the most amazing pattern on your ceilings very easily, creating an unbelievable new way to decorate a room. Or make an individual statement by decorating furniture with wallpaper. An old chest can reinvented easily with a fun paper and you will be doing your bit for the environment too. And a peek of patterned wallpaper can add excitement to the back of glass-front cabinets or a bookcase. Our advice… play with ideas and have fun. 


Call in the professionals

Unless you are good with DIY, then think about using a professional decorator. When it comes to hanging your wallpaper, there are a few details to consider. Make sure it is hung the right way up being the main one – you don’t want people standing on their heads, or palm trees defying gravity.

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