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Trend report: discover the latest colours for your home

The biggest hues for interiors… as chosen by the Linwood marketing team
Trend report: discover the latest colours for your home

It’s not an overstatement to say colour changes everything: mood, sense of proportion and even sensual experience. It also has the power to capture the current zeitgeist, as well as the hopes and aspirations for the year ahead. And as one of the quickest ways to refresh and update a home, it’s an essential in your design armoury. What will the best-dressed interiors be modelling in 2020? Read on, all is revealed…


Japanese Garden/Blossom/Linwood


Classic house

The Pantone Colour of 2020 Classic Blue (azure or cobalt blue to some) was chosen for its embodiment of the still, eternal calm of the night sky, something we can rely on in uncertain times. For interior design this tone lends a calm, ensconcing peacefulness. Although a bold choice, it’s surprisingly easy to use and has a natural pairing with wood, enhancing its inherent charms. Here we’ve paired classic blue with a rich, indulgent printed velvet called Japanese Garden. For a punchier look mix the colour of the year with another strong tone, its opposite on the colour wheel, a citrusy cantaloupe or tangerine shade. Just be careful when planning the amounts; too much of both will create a visual battle and erase tranquil qualities of this timeless tone.



Naturally pretty

With interiors colours 2020, pastels proliferate. Not the baby pastels that have been everywhere in the last few years, but a more natural and warmer undertone. Imagine less a saccharine baby pink and more a gentle blush or a soft green with a little grey in the tone, recalling a morning mist or a washed out pale blue, like watery ink. However, far from being insipid, these colours can wrap a whole room with a sophisticated glow when used with confidence. Try our Bamboo Garden Dusky pink wallpaper to deliver your scheme some grand Country House flair. A bold Tango Velvet lounger will complete the decadent look.



Mandarin brights

2020 colour trends for interior design definitely favour the bold and the beautiful. The vibrant mandarin hue a more liveable tone than orange, is an ideal base to use for one of the big 2020 fabric trends, colour blocking. Weaving in plains with pattern, it’s a great way to embrace interior design colour trends whilst ensuring you create a look that will not feel dated as the next year rolls around. The latest paint colours have such sophisticated pigment technology that it’s easy to achieve a matching saturated hue. Here Belleville Miji adds a classical feel but for even more drama mix a plain or graphic print from Omega Prints with another primary tone.



Gold and yellow

Decorating trends for 2020 are not about fading into the background. Regardless of your favoured interior design look the preference for saturated colour is consistent. A big story for interior colour trends is a yellow mustard tone bringing punch and some 1950s sunny goodness in a wholesome, rather than acid, yellow. Imagine the quality of the heat of the sun in an old photograph or an Americana diner countertop. Interior design trends 2020 seem to favour optimism and this stunning sunshine burst – Belleville's Louis – is no exception. As well as creating a cheery bedroom or parlour this yellow proves a popular colour for bathrooms. Who could fail to start the day with this sunny tone?


Consistent cassis

Naturally complimentary to all of the popular colours for 2020 this interior design staple also deserves its own mention. This rich berry hue works with other vivid colours, but also adds some contrast to more neutral tones without being too overwhelming. When thinking of how to choose colour for a room, consider how it will work year round. Cassis tones have a mercurial quality so can seem richer in winter when paired with other jewel like tones or in summer months, can seem playful and bright when used with some bright citrus cushions. Most of all it’s easy to use, live with and maintain. This Omega velvet is hardwearing and stain resistant, making it ideal for sofas or curtains that require a long-lasting finish. Because ultimately, whilst interior colour trends may come and go a well considered look will always have enduring appeal.