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Expert advice: 5 easy home decor ideas

With a little effort, you’ll achieve remarkable results, promises Linwood's marketing director, John Smigielski


Expert advice: 5 easy home decor ideas

Over the last year our homes have become even more important to our well-being, providing a sanctuary from the outside world. So, as we start the New Year let’s explore how to make them feel even more comfortable. With the dining table in many houses becoming a makeshift office and home schooling rife, it only seems sensible to create little pockets of comfort to cocoon and recharge. Here are six decorating ideas that won’t take too much time or effort…



No1 Turn your hand to cushions

Alpha velvet/Linwood


Let’s start small… cushions are fairly easy to make and along with paint offer the ability to instantly transform a room. We have endless fabrics available but wanted to highlight one of our favourites – this pile of jewel-like floor cushions is made from our new luxurious Alpha velvet. There are 30 eye-catching colours, so play around with different combinations and have some fun. Oh, and the velvet is reassuringly soft so it’s the ideal choice for cushions – there’s nothing worse than resting ones head on something scratchy.


No2 Reupholster an old sofa

Kami/Printed Velvet/Linwood


Many of us have an old sofa that we can’t bear to part with – maybe it’s an heirloom or was simply bought for a song at an antiques market and is now a family favourite. If it’s seen better days, it might be time to think about reupholstery. Just look at how this old chesterfield has been transformed with our new Kami printed velvet. It’s a heady mix of colour and pattern but one that’s firmly rooted in tradition so suits the gentle curves of the sofa to a tee. Not only beautiful but practical too, due to a clever stain resistant finish that can be found on many of our upholstery fabrics. We also offer an extensive archive of plain upholstery fabrics – all hardwearing to ensure you furniture looks good for years to come. Iona, a versatile weave, has more than 80 colours ranging from fiery reds to moody blues, so it’s no surprise it’s one of our best sellers. For something in between, flick through our kilims – they are reassuringly heavy and soft to the touch. Available in stripes to more classic carpet designs, they are having something of a renaissance at the moment.

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No3 Wallpaper your bedroom

Wonderland Wallpaper/Linwood


Now more than ever, the idea of creating a private escape should be moved to the top of your ‘to do list’. One or two rolls of wallpaper behind your bed should do it – and will only take a few hours of your time. Just launched, is our rather beautiful Wonderland wallpaper. The painterly style design depicts a fantasy skyscape that is ideal for dreamy bedrooms. Add decorative pillow and layers of lines to accentuate the relaxing look.

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Other wallpapers bursting with joy are tropical Bamboo Garden in Dusty Pink. Its floral blossoms intertwined with bamboo would transport you each night to an exotic landscape. If you want to make a bolder statement, Jungle Rumble with its leopards and tropical bids against a rich, scenic background is the one for you.

No4 Invest in curtains

Elba Linen Curtains/Linwood


Some of us – the ones without children at least – might have a little more time on our hands, so maybe it’s time to dust off your sewing machine and make some new curtains. Practical as well as beautiful, they offer instant privacy from prying eyes, provide insulation and even help with noise pollution and they never fail to add that final flourish to a room. For a relaxed yet sophisticated look, consider Elba linen in Dove. This contemporary jacquard is piece dyed, then wash finished and is available in four colours, including Pearl above. Hankering after something a little more colourful? Then take a minute or two to explore our Belleville collection. Made from the finest linen – which drapes beautifully – there are six botanical-inspired designs to choose from, each with its own distinctive style. If you would like curtains but are happy to leave the sewing in the cupboard, you’ll find many expert curtain makers in our stockist list here

No5 Return to nature



It’s much more interesting to walk into a room and see lots of different textures, and this is where wool comes into play – it works beautifully with simple cottons and linens and has great eco credentials – every year sheep produce a new fleece, making wool the ideal renewable source. Lana above is made using recycled wool and there are 55 colours to choose, including neutrals and shades such as Heather and Apple Green. It’s also has the benefit of being cool in summer and warm in winter… what more could you want? Use it for upholstery or think about recovering an old headboard or making giant floor cushions – easy wins that will make a big difference.


Spend some time working out what is going to enhance your home and please you most. And remember home décor isn’t just about aesthetics, it affects our overall happiness, health and spirit too. However, we won’t blame you if the sofa and Netflix calls you instead!