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Velvet home décor – 8 simple ideas for any scheme

This most luxurious fabric just keeps on giving… Linwood reveals everything you need to know 

Velvet home décor –  8 simple ideas for any scheme

Velvet is the most sumptuous and indulgent of all the fabrics, it adds instant glamour to any home it graces. Yet velvet is also hardwearing and suitable for so many decorating tasks it should be an essential part of any interior designer's arsenal. So, whether you’re a committed velvet decorating devotee or trying out something new, our velvet design ideas will inspire you to use velvet in your next scheme.


Focal accents 


Linwood | Fabric | Tango Velvet



Velvet is not shy, which makes it the ideal way to bring an element of surprise or layering to create a more interesting home decor arrangement. Because of the way the texture interplays with light, velvet material draws the eye, making it the natural choice to create a visual accent. A velvet lampshade in a vibrant kingfisher blue will work in almost any scheme whether a contrasting colour pop or a harmonious tone on tone detail. For something that really demands attention, try a small accent chair or pouffe in a slinky pink, such as this stool upholstered in Tango velvet in Flamingo offset with brass accents. Instant 1950s chic. For a fully indulgent look, add in some luxurious wallpaper and the look is complete. 

Softest velvet sofa

   Linwood Fabric | Tango | Jungle Rumble | Leopard


A staple of many comfort-loving homes, a velvet upholstered sofa is both a joy to look at and recline on. Despite the perception as velvet as a delicate fabric, it can wear very well. Our velvet sofa fabrics offer impressive Martindale rub counts, a measure of how much abrasion a fabric can take before it shows distress (anything over 30,000 is classified as very hard wearing). Linwood's Moleskin velvet with a slightly suede type feel, has a 50,000 and Linwood's Omega velvet is extremely durable with a rate of 100,000. For anyone with small children or messy eaters in the family, a patterned velvet such as this design will add extra camouflage from spills or spots. If you already have a sofa shape you like velvet sofa covers can update it with the minimum of fuss (Our Moleskin, Omega and Kami are machine washable too). A plain velvet also looks sharp with the addition of floral cushions or geometric linen cushions for patterned contrast. 



Linwood | Fabric | Velvet Wonderland | Kimono Dreams | Blaze



Whether your dream home would boast simple airy white curtains or something a little more directional like velvet bright green curtains with gold satin edging, luxurious curtains complete any design scheme. Bespoke velvet curtains can be a large investment and with that in mind demand some careful planning. Not to say that playing it safe is the best option. Curtains bring a whole scheme together in a way no other design detail quite does, so don’t be afraid to make them the central focus. Rather consider using a classic colour like orange velvet curtains that will always work as a striking accent, or a pattern with some tones that you find yourself returning to. These curtains made in Kimono Dreams Blaze work beautifully with navy, red, gold, and coral accents, allowing your overall room to go into a chic dark blue mood or paired with more directional brights. Or be redecorated in any of the should your mood or decorating tastes change. 



Linwood | Fabric | Kami | Seagreen


The fashion for decorative and bold headboard is here to stay. No longer a simple work horse item, bedheads now come in grand shapes, bold colours and patterns making them central to bedroom decorating planning. A bed is an ideal place to showcase velvet as its natural softness combined with lush padding make for a wonderfully tactile and comfortable piece. This Kami printed velvet is stain resistant, washable and fire retardant therefore it's ideal for such an item that needs to be both practical and bold. To ensure such a strong pattern doesn't dominate the whole scheme, add in simple green cushions, or pick up the highlight tone in pink cushions, and unify the look. 


Fabric wall 


Linwood | Fabric | Fable | Aesop | Green



Could there be a more decadent or exciting way to bring velvet into a home than creating a cocooning room devoted to it? Creating fabric panels to cover standard walls will add instant comfort not only from the arresting visual affect but it’s profound ability to soften noise. Making the mood cosy and still panels are also surprisingly easy to create. In this way fabric walls add an impact that far exceeds their cost and complexity. Add Fable Aesop in green, conjuring up 19th century fascination with exploration, nature and pattern in your reading corner or office to spark your imagination.

Velvet cushions 


Linwood | Velvet Cushions



The simplest way to add in velvet without too much commitment is through the classic velvet cushion. Velvet cushions have the benefit of existing outside of design rules applied to other types of cushions in that they act like jewellery – a delicious, indulgent addition to any sofa. They can also be a great way to add in some trends without over committing. From Linwood’s cushion range, both the Ikat and Eastern design stories are covered. Available in several tonally sympathetic shades the range allows you to mix and match without having to worry about clashes. Our geometric cushions and kilim inspired luxurious cushions in – (from top left, clockwise) – Fawkes Gunpowder, Java LotusBukhara Saffron and Fez Paprika (now discontinued), would look just as at home on a linen sofa as they would on a gold velvet lounger.

Ottomans and footstools


Linwood | Fabric | Velvet Wonderland | One Thousand and One | Hot Ticket



These items are, by their very nature, a great focal point for a socially focussed room. So, opt for a fabric that can play that role with confidence. Linwood’s One Thousand and One in Hot Ticket is exceptionally durable and has a plush, soft finish. Velvet is ideal for unusual shapes as it hugs and flatters the forms it covers, enhancing curves and details. One plain vivid colour in velvet can also work as a highlight, with the addition of an ottoman tray filled with art books and candles, which can stop a bright velvet upholstered footstool from visually dominating a room.

Matching pairs

Linwood | The Wave Velvet Cushion | Mineral


A quick style win? Using velvet in two ways. Here The Wave in Mineral adds an instantly coordinated look to a very low-key scheme. By pairing the velvet cushion with a velvet counterpane, it adds a professional decorator or boutique hotel level of finish. Velvet throws work anywhere in the house, so try this doubling up trick with a velvet curtain or a velvet lampshade to look effortlessly artful. So easy to do it can be changed seasonally as the mood takes you. 


Contrasting with weaves 


Linwood | Fabric | Velvet Wonderland | Nightfall | Blackout



Because velvet has such a unique quality, it doesn’t always follow the same decorating rules as other fabrics. This bed upholstered in Linwood Nightfall in Blackout should feel dominating or heavy but added to this calming colour scheme amidst the soft corals and pale greens it simply pulls individual shades together, accenting the lightness of the tones around it. A wonderful way to use velvet is to mix looser, open textures and flat woollen weaves, adding an informal layered look. The addition of some billowing, pooling linen curtains or striped cushions can soften the impact of velvet's inherent glamour, creating a haven in bedroom or sitting room that no-one can resist. Prepare to be relaxed. 




What compliments velvet? Velvet works with so many other fabrics… it’s all about mixing different textures to create interest. Just imagine a velvet sofa with linen or cotton cushions and an ottoman in a weave perched in front. Such schemes allow the beauty of each fabric to be fully appreciated.


Is velvet available in many colours? There are so many wonderful colours in our velvet collections; the choice is almost endless. From simple neutrals to earthy blues and greens to jewel-like rich colours; perfect for adding little pops.


Do velvet and wood go together? Velvet can work with so many types of furniture – from wood to metal – and so many styles of home decor; it looks just at home surrounded by French-style pieces as it does with mid-century designs. Whatever your preferred look, the addition of a velvet sofa or armchair will add a welcoming note that invites relaxation.


Is velvet rustic? When most people consider velvet they think of a luxurious look with sweeping curtains or sofas piled high with printed velvet cushions. However, as velvet adds warmth and softness wherever it appears, it’s perfectly suited to more rustic schemes too.