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Spring floral design ideas: 10 beautiful ways you can decorate your home

Cheerful and comforting florals bring joy to interiors
Spring floral design ideas: 10 beautiful ways you can decorate your home

It’s the time of year when a decorators thoughts turn to love – of the spring floral design interior trends that lift the spirits and every interior design. As the warm weather approaches the fresh feel of spring colours, whether in a scattering of throw pillows, enormous botanical statement fabric walls or budding potted plants on a side table can transform a home. Florals are an instant way of adding refinement and historical reference to your interior design layering or simply making things feel new and part of the joy of spring season. Luckily at Linwood we have all you need to bring spring sunshine in.



Use florals for a statement wall

 Linwood | Wallpaper | Miji | Blossom


What could be more joyous than a spring makeover that captures the bright colours and fresh feel of this most ebullient time of year? And by using a statement wall you can experience the full effect of the season every time you enter your room. Spring colours can be bright colours that cover the vibrant acid greens of a budding leaf or the delicate pastel shades of your favourite flowers as they gently open, such as tulips or lilacs. This Miji wallpaper in Blossom shows elegantly poised perching birds against a pretty, subtle colour palette making it ideal for a restful bedroom or quirky study. Try it with pale, apple green bedlinen or for a more contemporary punch add in throw pillows or curtain fabric in hot pink. This shaped and padded neutral headboard and the turned wood details of this painted side table are made sleek and modern by keeping them all in the same tone. A perfect print for dialling up or down the drama.



Focus on texture


Linwood | Omega Prints | On The River | Marine


The change in the weather can tempt you to focus on spring decor ideas at the exclusion of all other interior design concerns, but your home must work for you year-round. Which is why thinking about how this look will translate as the nights draw in and there are no longer fresh flowers on the dining table but a crackling fire in the hearth, is key to a successful result. You don’t need to abandon the fresh feel of your spring colours but simply layer them with the right textures and partner with other interior trends that suit your ambition such as rich, deep colours. This On the River velvet from our Omega Prints collection is based on a beloved archival document from the 1940s and is given new life on this hardwearing, sumptuous fabric. Soft and yielding to the touch it is suitable for both contract and commercial use and amazingly works very well for family life. Not only is it easy to maintain, but the playful pattern is also incredibly forgiving if little sticky fingers wander unchecked.



Sprinkle in bright colours

 Linwood | The English Garde | Albertine | Classic Rose


Spring decor ideas perfectly suit the more classic home, which traditionally showcase the joys of fresh flowers found in an English garden. Although the cottage-core look may conjure up only subtle, muted tones in your interior design imagination, these historical-style prints often have bold and bright colours woven through. Whether as a blousy spring wreath or a small accent colour on printed berries, they add energy and confidence to a look. Many interior designers use florals such as these to add depth to a more minimal scheme, or pair with a smaller geometric print or stipe. Our printed linen Albertine is calling out to be used as upholstery, blinds or swaggering curtains. You can almost smell the spring weather in every room it graces.



Use lighter fabrics


Linwood | Small Prints | Maze | Ochre


If you prefer your spring floral design a little quieter but with a modern touch, our Maze pattern from our Small Prints collection is a refined addition to any room. Hand-drawn, it has the delicate variations in line that come with the human touch, yet with the pleasing rhythm of a repeated pattern. This ochre shade falls at the more delicate end of the spring colours spectrum and works well for decor ideas that call for a more low-key approach. These tones and patterns can work beautifully with a mid-century modern colour palette, adding a little softness without breaking up the clean lines with too much frill or fuss. If you would like to add some organic elements then potted plants are an ideal addition, bringing the naturalism and sensory touch without adding to the visual noise that cut flowers can bring.



Murals and embroidered walls

 Linwood | Wallpaper | Jungle Rumble | Parrot


Sometimes too much is just enough. Linwood’s Jungle Rumble is quite the star of the show, which makes it perfect for adopting interior trends that are not for shrinking wall flowers. As any keen gardener can tell you spring colours can be riotous, which makes them ideal for the over-the-top decadence of a mural or embroidered wall. Available in a wallpaper and a fabric its dramatic pattern can be used as upholstered panels or in a flatter 2D finish. The boldest interior design might use them both, in paper and a voluminous botanical statement curtain. The addition of this strong plain black lampshade on a simple side table adds even more drama without making the scheme to hectic or overblown. The interior design hit of this bold pattern keeps your home bright and engaging all year round, long after the spring season has passed. This makes it an ideal choice for a spring makeover because they capture the emerging, longer days mood, and help its magic last long after the initial urge to redecorate is a memory.



Shades of green

 Linwood | Tango | Bangkok Nights | Palm Green


Shades of green are abundant in the warmer weather and should make an appearance in some format in any self-respecting spring makeover. Nothing brings in the season or energy of your outdoor space like this essential hue. Use its fresh energy on chairs and drapes to make a bold botanical statement without relying too heavily on more traditional, floral prints. Linwood’s Bangkok nights in Palm Green is a large format print, but feels much more subtle due to the peaceful, rhythmic nature of its undulating fronds. The feel of this printed linen adds to the tropical feel of long nights in enticing, warmer weather. If you aren't sure which floral or botanical patterns speak to you take a stroll physically or virtually through Kew Gardens for inspiration. The captivating forms and hues are the perfect inspiration for generating new spring decor ideas for your home.



Switch throw pillows

 Linwood | Cushions | Butterfly Palm


The concept of a seasonable wardrobe can be used beyond just your clothing attire. It’s an ideal way to treat your interior design. Spring decor ideas are easy to implement without committing to a full spring makeover. Adding in some throw pillows in bright colours can add a fresh feel to an established interior design scheme. This technique also allows you to trial run some new shades if you are thinking of changing things up. Add a vase of your favourite flowers or potted plants to a side table and you’ve fully brought the joy of the spring season in. Traditional florals work perfectly for this but also botanical imagery that is a little more graphic. Try these Butterfly palm cushions and watch your interior design shift gear to something just a little more decorative.



Patterns of personality


Linwood | The English Garden | Kitty | Aqua Leaf


What’s in a name? The moniker of our Kitty fabric from The English Garden says it all. The clean edges of this block print design are large in a scale and creative ambition. The trailing greenery takes as much prominence as the various blooming flowers. However, by pulling out the tones for the other elements of your spring decor ideas from the palette in the fabric as seen her in this calming bedroom, the space can still feel calm and serene. It’s also a great way to build confidence as a budding student of interior design processes as harmonious results are guaranteed. To make sure that you look is balanced, choose your main colour and then an accent colour and use them in varying proportions; your accent should be no more than 10% and your base colour, as the name suggests, but used for items such as walls and floors and be the dominant tone. From here, pattern and texture can be layered in to add interest and detailing.



Bring out the bold botanicals


Linwood | Velvet Wonderland | Moonlight Serenade | Night Sky


There is something deeply pleasing about a traditional bold floral print on a modern form piece of furniture. This curved, sinuous sofa is even more interesting through the addition of our Moonlight Serenade velvet fabric. The acid bright colours against a dark ground add another punch to the unexpected use of this floral. Despite the rich and dark tones, this gives the whole look a fresh feel. Interior trends may come and go but a statement botanical is will always be on trend. Part of our Velvet Wonderland collection in the colour way Night Sky, this pattern is based on a document from the 1930s but has been given a sharp, contemporary update. This viscose fabric with a deep pile works beautifully with the various, creative printed designs and is naturally water repellent, delivering a heady mix of practicality and opulence and making it idea for sofas and home bar tub chairs.


For more ideas on trying new interior design ideas throughout the home start with our advice on using colour in the home.