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Winter colour schemes: 8 combinations you’ll love

Find out how to style your home for the season… it’s easy when you know how
Winter colour schemes: 8 combinations you’ll love

If you’re drawn to the dramatic when it comes to interiors, perhaps you should consider the stunning contrasts of a true winter palette. The combination of dark tones with bright accents leads to a result that is anything but chilly. Use traditional tartans, warming wool and luxurious velvets to get the look, and you’ll create an inviting space that can’t fail to make a fabulous impact. Read on to discover eight winter colour schemes you’ll love…


Traditional tartan

Samphrey Check/Belmont/Woven Fabric/Linwood

There’s a reason why traditional tartan is so often chosen for the upholstery in luxurious hotels, it just looks so right on a fireside chair. With a glass in one hand and a book in the other, you’ll soon be far away from the wintry world outside. Bring the look into your home with our Ollaberry & Roxburgh fabric, which fits the bill perfectly. Meanwhile, this Samphrey check in the Belmont colourway adds the perfect hit of warmth to contribute to a dark winter colour palette. Contrast it with curtains or even wall fabric in dark and cool neutral textures (or paint, as seen here), that will complement the traditional tartan but still allow it to shine.


Cosy colour

Linwood Fabric | Cushions | Kimono Dreams | Blaze

Cosying up with pile of luxurious cushions on the sofa is the only way to spend a cold, dark night. Channel the coldest season with rich contrasting winter colours of black, blue and red, as seen here in cushions made from Kimono Dreams velvet in Blaze, where they look wonderful as an accent on a bright orange bed. This versatile Linwood velvet is also available for use as a curtain or upholstery fabric, and we think it works as beautifully on a large scale as it does on a designer cushion.

In the woods

In the Woods/Velvet Wonderland/Velvet Fabric/Linwood

When it comes to headboards, we always advocate going for something that makes a statement. Frame the bed with a design that is bold both in its size and in its look. This dramatic printed velvet (Nightfall in Blackout colourway) is a wonderful example, depicting a fantasy forest under a dramatic black sky. Don’t be afraid to use true winter darks in the bedroom where winter colour palettes help to create a relaxing vibe, conducive to rest and relaxation. As the seasons change, you can transform your scheme from summer to winter colours with graduating shades of bed linen, from soft summer pastels to a winter palette of deep and bright tones.

Snowy road

Off Piste Wallpaper/Linwood
Wallpapers are now designed to do so much more than sink into the background. You can use them to add interest and personality to your walls, as well as transport your mind elsewhere. And where better to escape than to the slopes? Create a cool winter look with the Off-Piste wallpaper, which was derived from a 1950s document we discovered in a French archive. Winter colours such as light grey, blue and white are beautifully offset by bright red, yellow and green as the skiers enjoy the snow. If you like the idea of a fun print but are nervous it will overwhelm the room, choosing one with a monochromatic background, like this one, will stop the wall feeling too busy. When you step closer, though, you’re rewarded by fantastic pops of colour that really evoke the winter palette of a snowy day.

Luxurious velvet

Monkey Puzzle/Black/Velvet Upholstery Fabric/Linwood
When you want to add richness to a scheme, look no further than velvet. This luxurious fabric is inherently glamorous, but it’s also hardwearing, so is a perfect choice for living room curtains and upholstered furniture. The nature of the finish of velvet means that it allows vibrant colours and patterns to shine. As such, if you’re seeking to bring brilliant winter colours such as cobalt blue, fuchsia or emerald to your scheme, velvet is an obvious choice. As a beautiful example of this, our Monkey Puzzle velvet is hard to beat. It features a print that takes you to a tropical paradise in its design, via the contrasts of a true winter colour scheme with its bright blue and black colourway. And if you’re now inspired to introduce velvet into your interiors, don’t miss our eight simple ways to decorate with velvet.


Warming wool

Faroe/Woven Fabric/Linwood
Nothing warms us up like wool, which is why it’s everyone’s go-to choice not only for cold-weather coats but for winter furnishings too. A woven wool fabric, such as our Faroe collection of herringbone wool chenille, combines classic English style with natural warmth, making it perfect for winter interiors. Look no further than Faroe for the jewel-like colours key to true winter colour palettes or the acid tones that are the highlight of a bright winter scheme (the lime colourway is a classic bright winter contrasting hue, for example).


Jewel tones


To bring the essence of true winter to your interiors, contrast is key. Begin with a base of cool shades of white, which, to be authentic to this winter colour palette, should have grey or blue undertones. These are hues that remind us of the depths of winter, with its snowy landscapes and black-as-night bare trees. Then, the contrast comes from a pop of bright colour – whether that be a hot pink or a vibrant red. A great way to achieve this is by painting your walls in a cool white, such as Strong White from Farrow & Ball, and choosing a really vibrant upholstery fabric for your furniture. Our Omega III in Rouge works perfectly against the pale wall, with additional interest provided by the white frame detail on the cushions and seat. One tip: if your room is north facing, a true winter colour palette could feel a bit too chilly, so reserve this scheme for spaces that benefit from some sunshine.


Winter warm

Kilim/Sarouk/Samos/Kilim Fabric/Linwood

When the winter months come round, we crave both light and warmth as an antidote to the cold nights. Introducing woollen throws and cushions will bring welcome cosiness to the sofa, but also think about what lies beneath the blankets. Choosing an upholstery fabric that adds warmth by its colour and texture will help to warm up the whole colour scheme of the room. A great case in point is a classic woven kilim fabric, such as our Sarouk in Samos colourway from the Kilim collection. Mimicking traditional kilim carpets, the Sarouk fabric can be used to bring its subtle, natural shades to either curtains or furniture. It also fits perfectly into a dark winter palette, which includes shades from the moodier end of autumn colour that still retain a slight hint of warmth. Think about including the warm tones of burgundy or blackberry in amongst cool winter hues of dark blue or dark grey.




How can I keep wool upholstery clean? It’s easy only to think about cleaning upholstery when something has been spilt, but to keep the fabric looking at its best, regularly vacuum and turn the cushions to prolong their life. When there’s been a spillage, avoid spot cleaning at all costs and call in the professionals. Go to a dry cleaner who specialises in upholstery and who you can trust to take care of your furniture. For more advice and insider tips, read our cleaning blog.


How can protect wool upholstery fabrics from moths? If you’ve had a moth infestation anywhere else in the house, you will want to stop it spreading to your wool upholstery. One of the most effective treatments, which avoids the use of harsh chemicals, is a moth box or decoy from specialist company, Total Wardrobe Care. These are a trap with a sticky board coated in the female moths’ pheromone, which attracts the male moth and stops them reproducing. Place one in each room in a dark corner, where moths would otherwise breed undisturbed, and keep track of how many are caught. Hopefully this will also work as a prevention technique to keep these pests away from your upholstery.